Toe-up Neverkont socks

It was quite a challenge but loads of fun :-)
Next time I'll choose to use less different colors :-)

The socks were finished at 30.march 2015
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Neverkont socks for Silas

07/03/15 21.40

This is my new project :-) 
This picture is from the pattern

I started on the toe

07/03/15 23.50

Phew it is not easy, but it starts to look right :-)


08/03/15 23.37

All the colors have been used

12/03/2015 22.25


15/03/15 21.09

The gusset is to small. So now I'll try to use thicker needles 2.5 mm instead of 2.0 mm :-)

All ends are weaved in

18/03/2015 22.24

It takes forever to weave in all the loose ends. I have tried to weave in the loose ends while knitting. I have twisted the yarn ends with the red/black and black/green color change on the wrong side.

Well on the way...

21/03/15 12.42

Now I have reached the point I got to when I realised that the gusset was to small.
I have created an extra White "block" to make sure that the socks is wide enough. I have reduced this extra block in the red row ;-)

First sock is finished

24/03/15 20.18

First sock is finished :-) 
I created trinagular blocks in the top to get a nice straight edge at the top.

Time to weve in the ends...

30/03/15 21.51

The Neverkont socks are finisjed

30/03/15 23.50