Brioche Pearls

Knitting flat 

1 M Cast on 30 S  Cast on  Cast on an equal number of stiches 
2 M 30 vr  VRS  Always knit he first and last stich
3 L 1r *1vr, lmf* 1r  RS 
4 L 1r *lmf, 1r* 1r  VRS 
5 M 1r *1vr, rsm* 1r  RS 
6 M 1r, 28vr, 1r  VRS 
7 L 1r *lmf, 1vr* 1r  RS 
8 L 1r *1r, lmf* 1r  VRS 
9 M 1r *rsm, 1vr* 1r  RS 
10 M 1r 28 vr 1r  VRS 
Repeat 3-10 (both included) 

Colour change

1 L 1r *lmf, 1r* 1r RS After 10, from dark to light colour
2 L 1r *vr, vrsm * 1r VRS

Knitting instructions

RS = Right side
VRS = Wrong side
M = Dark coloured yarn
L = Light coloured yarn
r = Knit
vr = Purl

m = Stich
lmf = Put yarn in front and slip 1 stich purlwise
rsm = Knit the stich and the slipped stich together
vrsm = Purl the stich and the slipped stich together